Dreamscapes - the meaning of Auld Lang Syne

Due to an unexpected interruption in my sleep (our building's builder came to work on a leaky window), I had the opportunity to catch my mind trying to mis-remember something.

I was on travel (as I often am in dreams). I was also playing some sort of frisbee game, some cross between ultimate and frisbee golf. I was playing with novices, so I was playing less competitively than I otherwise could have played. There was water all around, like in Hangzhou West Lake or Venice. One player jumped from one surface to another, and two players, including myself, called a "travel" on that player. Everyone was a little confused, so I explained the rule.

At one point, we climbed out of boats and Barenaked Ladies were performing Auld Lang Syne over the PA. Someone asked what "Auld Lang Syne" meant. I didn't know, but an older man seemed to know. It means "Aunt Susan". He proceeded to make a joke about their family's actual Aunt Susan, who wasn't present.

At this point, I woke from my dream and realized that my brain was trying to trick me into remembering the incorrect meaning for "Auld Lang Syne".
Written on January 2, 2008