mourning the loss of cabinet-mounted toaster ovens

For over 10 years now, I've owned a black-and-decker toaster oven. I very much enjoyed that toaster oven. It's been reliable and one of the best buys ever.

When I bought it, I noticed they had a cabinet mount option. You could buy a hood (for about the cost of the oven itself) that would allow one to mount the oven under a cabinet.

"Fabulous," I thought, but never settled into a place where I thought I'd buy one.

Well, I recently have begun settling into such a place.

And guess what?

They've phased them out. It appears, although I have not authoritatively confirmed, that there are no new under-cabinet-mountable toaster ovens for sale.

This has me sad. I was really looking forward to _finally_ mounting my toaster oven (to the underside of my cabinet).

I've sold my old toaster oven (as part of the move), and so will probably have to accept the wicked fact that my toaster oven must rest on my kitchen counter. C'est la vie.
Written on October 14, 2006