An open letter to anyone who opposes same-sex marriage on religious grounds

What if your God were to send his prophet back to Earth to deliver the message that homosexual unions are now the preferred pairing for humans, and in three years' time, heterosexual unions will be seen as an abomination in the eyes of God.

God doesn't have to give reasons for his actions, but this time he does. He explains through his prophet that he's very proud of us. We've done a spectacular job at inhabiting the Earth and populating it's "corners". In fact, we've populated it so well that it's now time that copulation be limited.

Except for very special, church-sanctioned, public events, only couples of the same sex are allowed to engage in sexual activities. The church events, God explains, are to promote the ongoing maintenance of the population without undue growth.

God acknowledges that through the transition, he understands some people might have difficulty accepting this new edict, so he offers a special prayer that individuals can invoke before gender-reassignment surgery to bless the change in the eyes of the Lord.

After God's great announcement, how would your behavior change? Would you question your own sexuality? Would you seek treatment to help you accept your new proclaimed affinity for members of the same sex? Would you consider the reassignment ritual? Or would you simply adopt separate bedrooms from your former partner and remain celibate?

Would you encourage your children subtly or explicitly to be fond of members of the same sex? Would you be disappointed or reproachful if they found themselves attracted to members of the opposite sex? Would you protest to your congressmen or town hall to have marriage re-defined as only between two people of the same gender?

I look forward to your responses.
Written on January 2, 2010