Positive outcome from Levolor

Today I received a call from a representative at Levolor, someone in consumer affairs. She was very kind, calm, and courteous. She explained to me that she read my complaint thoroughly and at every point where there was a disconnect in their process, the problem had been addressed, both the symptom and where applicable, the cause.

Furthermore, she let me know that they had passed on my suggestions to the QA department (particularly having troubleshooting tips on the web site), and these suggestions would likely be implemented in some fashion.

She went on to tell me that my issue should have been resolved, the blind was shipped UPS next day air yesterday, and should have arrived today. It didn't, but I suspect that's because of problems with our building security, and completely out of their control.

Finally, she let me know they would be sending me a check to compensate me for my time and trouble on the matter.

In other words, Levolor has gone far beyond my expectations and even beyond my stated request. They seem to care greatly about the end consumer and his satisfaction. I am confident that the problems I've received were isolated and that any systemic problems that caused the issue are being addressed to a great extent.

I would highly recommend Levolor blinds. I've always been pleased with the quality of their product, and I believe their ultimate customer service to be outstanding.
Written on March 28, 2007