Really trying to use Mac

I've spent literally decades in DOS/Windows and have a great deal of expertise in that platform. Nevertheless, the writing is on the wall that Mac is on the rise and Windows is in decline.

So I've been using a Mac Mini hosted with I've been using it remotely with the iRAPP client.

That whole arrangement has been a convenient way to get my feet wet.

It's also allowed me to encounter some of the early problems I would encounter in an attempt to transition.

Today, I found that I'm unable to pair the OS X with Exchange and that it's a known problem. The reported workarounds didn't work for me. Therefore, I can't configure mail or contacts.

I've also found that common keyboard shortcuts use different keys. Copy is Windows+C instead of Ctrl+C. Same for Paste, Undo.

These challenges seem small, but add a pretty large impediment to having a partial transition.
Written on October 6, 2014