what to do

I'm now pretty well settled into Washington, D.C.. [Jason ponders how to properly punctuate that previous sentence.]

So anyway, this weekend I was visited by friends (without blogs) (seriously?) (yeah, no blogs; and they're young blokes).

We decided to go to the Arlington Cemetary. You see, since I'm a native now, I can't do tourist things unless my friends visit me (hint, hint).

So, we went to the cemetary. I made some bad jokes about cemetaries, goths, and death. I got bad looks, but had a good time. I wasn't too obnoxious.

During our visit, there was also a spectacular Air Force Memorial Opening. We were not at the memorial dedication, but we did see some of the arial displays, including a fly-over of a Stealth Bomber. The sight was ominous and spectacular. I imagined that a flyover of an earlier plane would have been similarly ominous in earlier decades.

In addition, they had some air stunts, flyovers of various Air Force models, most of which I could not accurately identify. It was quite a good day to be in D.C..
Written on October 14, 2006