What would incite me to buy yet another Macbook Air

Last year, I bought my first Mac hardware. Since then, I've found the experience to be mostly wonderful. I love the MagSafe power connector, the SSD drive, the multi-touch Trackpad, and the overall engineering of the hardware.

I've managed to work around most of the rough edges running Windows on this hardware, but there are still three issues that regularly annoy me, and which give me great hesitance when considering another Macbook.

Swap Fn and Ctrl Keys. If the Macbook would provide a way to switch this in hardware. My fingers are trained to find Ctrl in the corner. That's where it is on my desktop keyboard. I'd like it to be in the same place on my laptop.

Clumsy Trackpad driver. The Boot Camp driver for the trackpad has some poor behaviors (compared to any other pointing device I've used).

No HiFi Bluetooth Audio support. I recently found there is no A2DP support for the bluetooth adapter integrated with the Macbook Air (or any MacBook on Windows for that matter).

If Apple were to fix these three issues, it would shift the balance in my hesitance and I would rush out and upgrade my laptop now to another piece of Apple hardware.
Written on January 8, 2012