Why decisions by the majority are destructive

Comcast is a company who's success has been driven by providing content to the public based on what the majority wants/demands. They cover their legal behinds by implementing censorship of the minority. When it comes to their Internet provision, they do not offer Internet service, but rather offer a limited and constrained service that works well the majority but is piss-poor for the various minority needs.

I've been using Comcast as a backup internet connection because DSL is unreliable and that's the only alternative I have available is this under-developed part of the country.

I continue to find limitations and active censorship of data transmission on the comcast network. I hear reports of unreliable IRC connectivity (which I seem to be experiencing this morning). I have complained about their denial of allowing certain legitimate traffic, but they refuse, claiming it's better for the common good.

Of course, in the corporate realm, this practice is perfectly acceptable, even though it goes against the principles of the country in which this company operates.

I have a good deal of respect for the considerations companies have to make. Nevertheless, I feel that Comcast is willfully censoring and degrading their service, and while this practice may be good for their company, it's detrimental to my situation and detrimental to their customers.

So F*** Comcast.
Written on July 28, 2008